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A Critique of EPA's 1994 Dioxin Reassessment.  ( Includes information on dioxin's anti-carcinogenic property )  In February and March of 1995 Gossman Consulting Inc. published on the web 2 critiques of EPA's 1994 Dioxin Reassessment.  These critiques can be found here and here.  Most of these critiques address EPA's skewed interpretation of the data being reassessed, particularly with respect to dioxin sources and emissions rates.  Subsequently EPA has come back to a more moderate position on some issues.  For example in the 1994 Dioxin Reassessment the EPA had stated that cement kilns that utilized hazardous waste as fuel produced more dioxin emissions (3-164 to 3-168).  By the time of the Hazardous Waste Combustor MACT regulation (September 1999) the EPA acknowledged that "...hazardous waste burning is not likely to affect emissions of either dioxins/furans..."(FR64 No. 189, Page 52872).  But what has gotten very little attention either then or now is the data that pointed toward dioxin's anti-carcinogenic affect.  That is that small doses of dioxins actually reduce the frequency of tumors.  Also included are references to other papers documenting this affect . 

SOURCES OF DIOXINS  Lots of information on dioxin emission sources and rates for different industries in different counties.  Also includes data on the dioxin emissions from backyard burn barrels, a source of emissions in your community that you can stop without government assistance.