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Dioxins 101

DIOXINS - PRIMER AND COMMENTARY --  One of the most feared set of compounds are the polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDDs and PCDFs), frequently shortened to "dioxins and furans" or merely "dioxins". Rarely does anyone in the media explain what PCDDs or PCDFs are, let alone the toxic equivalency factor (TEF) assigned to each. One would think such important information, needed to understand the risk of "dioxin" emissions, would be carefully and frequently communicated.   Sadly, it is not.   A polychlorinated dibenzodioxin is two benzene rings joined together by two oxygen atoms. A polychlorinated dibenzo-furan is similar but has only one oxygen atom.  MORE

GLOSSARY OF TECHNICAL TERMS -- Adsorb  To collect (a gas, etc.) in condensed form on a surface.   Aliquot  An analytical chemistry term referring to a measured portion taken from a solution.   When an aliquot of a sample solution is analyzed, the concentration of the targeted compound in the original solution can be calculated from those analysis results.  Analyte  The targeted compound or element for which an analysis is being executed.  MORE

UNDERSTANDING DIOXIN TESTING -- Provides an explanation of the unit of measurements, sampling methods, analytical methods, example calculations, checklists to assist in QA/QC efforts.  MORE