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Welcome to dioxinsolutions.info!

We are currently under construction.

There are now several papers mounted on the site including "Understanding Dioxin Testing" in DIOXINS 101

dioxinsolutions.info will be posting technical information on dioxins, reviews of papers, commentary, links to sites about dioxins and more.

In this site we hope to provide dioxin related information on a wide diversity of subjects such as: Backyard Burn Barrels, Forest Fires, Medical Waste Incineration, Cement Kilns, Hazardous Waste Incineration, Municipal Waste Incineration, Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks, Regulations Controlling Dioxin Emissions, Myth and Fact about Dioxins, Critique of Dioxin Related Papers, etc.

DIOXINS 101 - will provide you with basic information on the chemistry and toxicity of dioxins.

PAPERS - has a number of technical papers that present information on dioxin emissions or dioxins in the environment

REVIEWS - present reviews of technical papers presented at various conferences or in publications

LINKS - provides links to sites that present dioxin information

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